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Exercise online

During the period we are forced to put operations on ice during the Corona outbreak, we are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to train at home via Les Mills.

On their side Les Mills On Demand you will find several of the most popular workouts suitable for those who want to work out at home in front of the computer or the TV.

Right now, over 40 workouts are available for free for those who have had to pause your regular workout.

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Recommendations regarding the Coronavirus

We open the business with a custom schedule from 1/4

We open with an adjusted schedule from 1 / 4-20. More information in English below.

In the meantime, we have closed a review of infectious, available premises and staffing opportunities.

As GIH remains closed, all passes are moved to Frescati Sports Center. We open 1/4 with a custom schedule where we reduced the number of participants, increased the possibilities for cleaning and plan to move more training outdoors as soon as possible. The current passports are always found in the app and we refer to it instead of the regular schedule.

All subscriptions were automatically paused during the closed period and for you with monthly payment, this was adjusted in the price for the month of April.

We at SSIF carefully follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. We do our best to keep ourselves updated and new information may change our attitude. The risk of detecting new cases of the Coronavirus (covid 19) in Sweden is considered to be very high and there is general spread of infection in the Stockholm area according to information from The Public Health Agency.

  • We have reduced the maximum number of participants.
  • We have increased the cleaning frequency.
  • We have sparse between passports and fewer parallel passes.
  • We have canceled the passports that involve physical contact between the participants and changed the planning.
  • All participants are asked to wash their hands carefully before and after the workout.
  • Everyone with the slightest cold symptoms is asked to stay at home.
  • All over 70 are asked to stay at home.
  • We would also like to remind you that there are changing rooms both upstairs and downstairs in the Frescati Sports Center and that you can change your home if possible.


During the shutdown we did a risk assessment and an evaluation of our available resources and adjusted the schedule accordingly.

As GIH remains closed we have moved all classes to Frescati Sports Center. We open from 1/4 with an adjusted schedule where we reduced the maximum number of participants, increased cleaning and are planning to start the outdoor season as soon as possible.

During the shutdown your subscription was automatically put on hold and for those of you with subscriptions this has been regulated in the automatic withdrawal for April.

At SSIF we follow the current recommendations from the Public Health Services in Sweden. The estimated risk of identifying new cases of the Corona virus in Sweden is very high and the risk of spreading the disease is considered high. For updated info please visit The Public Health Agency.


  • We have reduced the maximum number of participants.
  • We have increased cleaning.
  • We have added additional time between practices.
  • We have canceled the classes involving physical contact and changed the routines for others.
  • All participants are asked to carefully wash their hands with soap and water before and after each class.
  • Everyone with even a slight cold are asked to stay at home.
  • Everyone above 70 is asked to stay at home.
  • We also wish to remind you of the fact that there are locker rooms both on the first and second floor of Frescati Sports Center and that if possible you are asked to change at home.

Q&A regarding the shutdown

How long have you been closing? For how long are you closed?

We stayed closed until 31/3, from 1/4 we are open but will keep track of what the Public Health Authority and based on their recommendations.We were closed to 3.31. From 1/4 we are open with an adjusted schedule and will monitor the situation to see if we can keep open. This will be done according to the recommendations of the Public Health Authority.

What happens to my subscription? What happens to my subscription?

Right now we pause all subscriptions during the two weeks we keep closed.
We will put all subscriptions on hold during the period we are closed.

Does this affect the subscription time on my subscription? Does this affect how long my subscription is bound?

For you with a current subscription, the binding time is not affected. The closure means that this period is not invoiced, which will affect the next invoice at the earliest. For you with a prepaid training card, the paid time is extended by the same number of days we keep closed.
If you have a monthly subscription the shut down does not affect your binding date. The shut down simply means that we will not charge you for the period we are closed, the discount will show on the next card withdrawal after we are open again. If you have a pre paid training card we will prolong your membership with the same amount of days we keep closed.

Is money still being deducted from my account? Is money still drawn from my account?

As long as we have closed, no money will be deducted from your account.
As long as we are closed no money will be withdrawn from your account.

What applies to me who bought Small Group? What happens with Small Group training?

Period 2 of the Small Group is postponed indefinitely. If you have purchased a course that has not yet started, you will receive a full refund in accordance with our terms of purchase. At present, we do not know when we will be able to run a qualitative business again, nor do we feel that it is justifiable to continue to sell course places as the situation looks. You who have one or more opportunities left on your current course will provisionally have your remaining opportunities met until later this spring. Further information will be emailed to those concerned when we know more about the development. Period 2 of small group is postponed indefinitely. If you have purchased a course that has not yet begun, you will receive a full refund according to our terms and conditions. Currently we do not know when we can resume high quality training and thus we feel uncomfortable selling additional spots. If you have one or more training left on your current course we will do our best to compensate you for this with extra classes later in the spring. Additional information will be sent to those concerned when we know more about the development.

Do we have any cases of corona on SSIF? Are there known cases of Corona in SSIF?

We have no identified cases of the virus at any of our facilities.
We have not identified any cases of Covid-19 in any of our facilities.
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A gym is finally arriving in Frescati Sports Center again and in case we are ready to welcome 24/7 to the facilities. Until then there will be renovations in the gym area. This will hopefully affect us to a minimum but yoga, pilates and body balance as some additional classes may be moved to other locations if disturbance is expected. Keep an extra lookout in the app during this period!

The studio we are using for yoga is called "Glasrutan" and can be found to the left of the reception area.

We also have good news regarding SSIF Studio! In the case you will be working out in a freshly modernized studio with new flooring and better sound and improved lighting. We look forward to it and hope you do too!

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Now this year's discharge meeting is approaching. Thursday 26/10 at 17:30 we gather in the meeting room at the Frescati Sports Center.

At the meeting, the association's annual report and annual report are discussed with the associated discharge of discharge, and the election of auditors and any supplementary elections to the board and the nomination committee are conducted. All members who have paid membership fees for the 2019/2020 fiscal year are eligible to vote. However, in order to exercise your voting rights at this meeting, you must notify your attendance by September 19 by emailing your name to

Agenda and other documents are announced at the Association here at least one week before the meeting.


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We drop a beginner's course in swimming

Now we release a course for beginners in swimming. On eight occasions, you will never get comfortable in the water to learn swimming from scratch. Our experienced instructors will guide you through exercises in water habits and technology.


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Now the booking opens!

Now we are finally launching our new booking system! Now you can finally book the autumn training session. We are very happy that the semester start is soon here and that we have so much fun news this fall! Brand new in the association is our big investment in group training, something that has long been in demand. From age 36, you will be able to train Les Mills-pass and dance in our spacious group training room, SSIF Studio.

You will find the booking HERE 

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We are looking for new group training instructors.

In the autumn, we are expanding our range of group training sessions and joining us at Les Mills. We are looking for you who is an energetic and inspiring instructor who loves to spread exercise joy. If this is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us! For the right person, we are happy to pay for education.

We are looking for new group training instructors.2019-06-18T13: 44: 29 + 01: 00

Train Les Mills with us!

In the autumn we join the world's largest group training community Les Mills. We will make a major investment in group training and among other things offer popular classes such as Body Balance, Body pump, Zumba, Sha´bam, CXWORX and others. Hope you keep up with it!

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As of autumn 2019, we offer our members unlimited training.

In autumn 2019 we change the registration system. From now on, you do not sign up for a course, you register for everyone! We have listened to our members' wishes to be able to train several times a week, practice on any day and maybe try a new sport that seems exciting. By releasing the training, we now give our members the opportunity to train just as often as they wish. Hope you think it sounds as good as we do! Nice training and seen in the fall!

As of autumn 2019, we offer our members unlimited training.2019-06-18T13: 44: 01 + 01: 00