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All-In members have automatic access to the basic level on our level-divided passes and thus not authorized to book higher level passes.

Om du innan terminsstart vill ha tillträde till en högre nivå kan du fylla i kontaktformuläret och meddela oss vad du tränat tidigare och på vilken nivå.

För att under terminen höja din behörighetsnivå, prata med tränaren.

We do our best to administer rights as quickly as we can. The office works continuously with this during office hours.

    SSIFAnnan idrottsklubbPrivat

    Remember that you need to allow the app access to both bluetooth and location services while you use it to allow the app to function!

    At Frescati Sports Center the signal is strongest near the far corner of the reception area.

    At GIH the signal is strongest in the middle of the entrance area.

    At St Erikshallen the signal is strongest near the elevators.

    At Eriksdalbadet the signal is strongest near the reception booth in the entrance.

    – Book your training session from 1 week to 10 minutes in advance.
    – Maximum of 6 active bookings at a time.
    – If you fail to attend/check in on 3 booked classes within a 2 week period your account will be suspended for 14 days.
    ​​​​​​​- Please check-in upon arrival in the app. Check-in can only be done until the class start time. If you cannot participate, cancel the booking no later than 3 hours pre-training.