Exclusive offer for DIS students!

Buy SSIF All-In for 500kr (approx 50USD) and get unlimited access to over 30 sports the full term *

To access the offer use discount code ** in the digital cash register.

* The card is valid from 1 / 1-20 and 15 / 5-20 and is exclusive to DIS students. Regular price 1500 kr.

** You'll find the discount code at the DIS reception area.

Buy SSIF All-In!

What is SSIF All-In

SSIF All-In is our multi card where you can choose freely between over 30 sports and activities.

You can join as many of our sports as you like and they are offered on a weekly basis.

We have beginner levels for the inexperienced and advanced levels for the skilled sportsman.

The sports offered include everything from volleyball, soccer and basketball to ice skating, high diving, fencing and gymnastics.