Project Description

Included in SSIF All-In

Functional gymnastics is based on AMT training concept, which is designed to stabilize and strengthen the gymnastic body. We practice basic knowledge such as cartwheels and backflips but also body strength such as chins and pushups. This class is suitable for those who want to train a sweatier type of gymnastics and want to develop quickly. 

In this pass, we use the training form AMT. During training there will be different stations with gymnastic exercises, some more focusing on strength and some more on gymnastic. This particular mixture is a perfect complement to those who train and exercise in everyday life, but also for those who want to achieve a higher level of gymnastics. We finish each training with a pulse-raising circular training either in a team or by yourself, with exercises inspired by the days training.

På tisdagar är det funktionell gymnastik med inriktning cirkelträning med gymnastiska övningar. På torsdagar är funktionell gymnastik upplagt på samma sätt, cirkelträning men inspiration av artistisk gymnastik och akrobatik.

Dress in soft clothes that allow mobility and be aware that much of the exercise is barefoot. Changing rooms with shower and sauna are on the premises. The pass is usually mixed with both girls and boys.

Prerequisites: Good basic strength and body control needed. In order to participate, you should be able to make ten even-footed jumps up on a block at knee height, be able to walk 10 steps on hands and at least one pull-up.

Tuesdays at 19: 45-21: 00, GIH, gymnasium 2

Thursdays 8 pm to 9 pm, GIH, gymnasium 2

To be able to book your passports, you must have purchased the training card SSIF ALL-IN before.

Registration for the class opens one week before training.

You can sign up here on the website (from 25/8), or via the SSIF app (released in September for iphone and android).

If unable to attend, we prefer that you unbook by 24h before the pass.