Project Description

Included in SSIF All In and SSIF Studio

BodyCircuit is the class for you who want to aim for sustainable training. Through group training we encourage each other throughout the whole training. During 30 or 45 minutes our inspiration is intensity, variation and functional strength. 

In BodyCircuit we train together, giving each other energy to fulfill the training. The class includes everybody, all excercises are changeable. We use kettlebells, slam balls, steps and bodyweight.

The training requires no prior knowledge, but maintains a high level of intensity. The passport is suitable for those who want to build a daily life.

Current times in the app

Body Circuit is included SSIF All-In and SSIF Studio

Registration for the class opens one week before training.

You can sign up here on the website, or via the app (released in September).

If unable to attend, we prefer that you unbook by 24h before the pass.

In case of repeated unannounced absence, your card will be locked.