Project Description

Included in SSIF All In and SSIF Studio

The cardio circuit is for those who want to build up their fitness in groups. With a large dose of team spirit, we practice circular training with a focus on fitness, coordination, and balance. For 30 or 45 minutes, the key words are intensity, variety and inspiration. 

Cardio circuit is for those who like to work out all-round fitness like circular training. With a large dose of team spirit we train fitness, mobility, coordination and balance. During the pass, the key words are variation and inspiration. The workout includes a lot of exercises with body weight.

The training consists of circular training, various stations that challenge our fitness and strength. The pass can be run on all levels, there are always easier and more advanced movements.

The training requires no prior knowledge, but maintains a high level of intensity. The passport is suitable for those who want to build a daily life.

During the workout you will use both body weight and weight plates. Compared to BodyCircuit, CardioCircuit's exercises are more intense. The only time the pulse is able to go down is the seconds when you switch from one station to another.

Wednesdays at 7: 30-08: 00, Frescati Sports Center - SSIF Studio

Cardio circuit is included in SSIF All-In and SSIF Studio.

Registration for the class opens one week before training.

You can sign up here on the website, or via the app (released in September).

If you are prevented, we prefer that you book by 24h before the pass with at least 3 hours before.

In case of repeated unannounced absence, your card will be locked.