Project Description

Included in SSIF All In and SSIF Studio

CXWORX® is a perfect fit for getting a well-trained stomach and back muscles.

With CXWORX you get good basic strength. Through dynamic training with rubber bands and light weights, you strengthen your stomach, back and seat.

CXWORKS is a 30 min class. The level is determined by the weights you choose to perform the exercises with yourself.

Current times in the app

To be able to book your passports, you must have purchased the training card SSIF All-IN

Registration for the class opens one week before training.

You can sign up here on the website (from 25/8), or via the SSIF app (released in September for iphone and android).

If unable to attend, we prefer that you unbook by 24h before the pass.

In case of repeated unannounced absence, your card will be locked.