Project Description

This class is included in both SSIF ALL IN & STUDIO

Fencing is one of our first activities within Stockholm Students IF! It is a versatile, physical and fun sport that trains both muscles and coordination.

In level 1, we initially fence only with foils, but as the term goes on, we introduce swords more.

At level 2 we only fence with swords. We don’t have saber fencing.

As a beginner, the only equipment you need is workout clothes (long pants recommended) and indoor training shoes. You borrow all the equipment you need during the training free of charge.

We offer loan equipment in the form of foil/fence, mask, plaster, glove, vest/jacket and chest protection for both the beginner group and the intermediate group. However, this loan equipment may not leave the fencing hall, so you may not pay out any personal loan equipment, but must return the equipment at the end of each training session.

We have quite a lot of equipment and make sure you find something in your size. In order for the clothes to fit everyone, we have deliberately chosen to buy only men’s models because they function as unisex models, which the more form-fitting women’s clothes do not.

When you fence, you wear a mask, this means that you who wear glasses need to take them off. If you have serious vision problems, we therefore recommend that you wear contact lenses.

Nivå för dig som vill lära dig grunderna i fäktning. Denna nivå är för dig som aldrig fäktats tidigare eller som enbart har provat på att fäkta några enstaka gånger. Om du gått vår nybörjargrupp en termin ska du gå vidare till steg 2.

Förkunskaper: Inga förkunskaper krävs

OBS! Denna terminen HT19 har vi inte steg 2 i fäktning, vi hoppas kunna införa det VT20 igen.

Denna nivå är för dig som redan har fäktats i minst en termin och lärt dig grunderna i fäktningen och nu vill utveckla tekniken ytterligare. Förkunskapskravet är att du ska ha koll på alla tekniska begrepp och förstå vad tränaren menar när den muntligt förklarar vilken övning som ska genomföras. Om du inte har egen utrustning kan du använda vår låneutrustning, läs mer längst ned på sidan.

To book this class you need a valid SSIF training card, either the ALL IN or the STUDIO, you also need a valid membership.

Book your class online via our booking website or in the SSIF app.