Project Description

Included in SSIF All-In

The interior band at Stockholm's Studenters IF has been around for a long time and has been a very popular sport since its inception. Most groups are open to anyone with no prior experience or that you already have a team of teammates.

Clubs are available to borrow.

The pass is in the usual order mixed with both girls and guys. Our training is aimed at adults, whether they are students or not, but everyone over the age of 18 is welcome and university students have a discount. We do not conduct any competition activities.

Technique Training

This group is for those who want to test on floorball or who have played a few times before but want to learn the sport from the ground up. During the training you will receive technical exercises as well as match games to practice on all parts of the sport.

Match play

Match games for those who like to play one of our most fun sports! The indoor volleyball is played 5 against 5 and is both intense and playful. Everyone is welcome here regardless of past experience.

Step 2 match play

This group is for those who have played floorball in teams before or for several years in, for example, friends. The tempo here is higher than in step 1 and requires you as a player to be comfortable with higher tempo and technique.

Step 3 match play

Step 3 is the highest level of the floor groups and is for those who have played floorball for many years and at a slightly higher level. The pace is high and requires that you as a player have good technique and fitness to keep up.

Schema höst 2020

Onsdag 20.00-21.00 i GIH Hall 3 (steg 1-2)

Torsdag 18.00-19.00 i FSC Hall E (steg 2-3)

In order to register for a class you must have purchased the training card SSIF All-In.

Registration for the class opens one week before training.

You can sign up here on the website or via the SSIF app.

If you are prevented, you must book by, preferably as early as possible to give others the opportunity to register instead.

Levels above Step 2 are locked for booking until the entry requirements have been certified. Email us at the office or talk to the instructor at the technical training.

In case of repeated unannounced absence, your card will be locked.