Project Description

Unfortunately, there seems to be no winter this year so the courses for 2020 are set.

Remember that we do not supply equipment!

Each course will be 8 practices, each 60 min. We are dependant on snow and weather, and might have to move the trainings to ensure that we use the snow and tracks as much as possible.

Remember that we do not supply equipment. You will have to bring it yourself.

We will primarily do the training Stockholms Stadion - but location depends on the availability of tracks. The opportunity to create artificial snow can be different in different municipalities in Stockholm, which may mean that we get some training in Rudan's ski resort in Haninge (about 30 minutes by commuter train from the Central Station) or Täby artificial snow track at Arninge in Täby (about 45 minutes by metro / bus from Centralen). Of course, we will inform you well in advance where the next training will take place.

During trainings that take place at Stadion, we will have access to changing rooms at GIH which is right next door. In any training that takes place at Rudan's ski resort, there is access to changing rooms, but this is not found at Täby artificial snow track.

Skiing at Stadion is free of charge but in order to ski in Täby art snow track or Rudan you have to pay SEK 80 per occasion in training fee to the facility. These fees are not included in the participation fee for this course, so if there is a single training session at these facilities, you will have to pay the training fee to the facility yourself.

The pass is usually mixed with both girls and boys. Our training is aimed at adults, whether they are students or not, but everyone over the age of 18 is welcome and university students have a discount. We do not conduct any competition activities.

We offer 3 levels of our courses:

Step 1 -

Beginner. For those of you who have never been to a pair of skis or for those who feel unsure about the technique. We focus on handling the equipment and learn the basic techniques to get ahead in different situations.

Step 2 -

For those of you who have traveled before and want to develop the technology. We are working on using the right technology in the right situation, finding the balance and developing energy efficiently. For step 2 you have to be able to go around the stadium including the hill without any problems.

Step 3 -

For those of you who are actively cross country skiing and may want to train for a specific goal. We are fine-tuning technology, discussing embankment and substrate and go through some thinking about longer distances.


17: 45-18: 45 Step 1

18: 45-19: 45 Step 2

19: 45-20: 45 Step 1


17: 45-18: 45 Step 2

18: 45-19: 45 Step 3

19: 45-20: 45 Step 1


17: 45-18: 45 Step 1

18: 45-19: 45 Step 1

19: 45-20: 45 Step 2


17: 45-18: 45 Step 3

18: 45-19: 45 Step 2

19: 45-20: 45 Step 1

Cross-country skiing is part of Small Group Training, which means smaller groups for more personal training.

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