Project Description

Course start is announced later

Do you want to swim in the sea and lakes this summer, or are you aiming for Vansbro?
Swimming in open water requires a bit more and different technique than in a pool, with us you will learn how to handle waves and currents.

Open Water swimming is offered as an intensive group and you will find the registration and more info under the SSIF Small Group. Each workout consists of technical and fitness training. You will learn how to adapt your breathing in open water and how to navigate easily. To participate, you need to be able to swim 200 m breaststroke. During the training, we will not always swim so far, but since we will swim outdoors it is important that you are able to swim back yourself.

Materials needed: You must have a wetsuit. Wetsuit is generally not a requirement for swimming in open water but the water can be very cold so for your own safety, wetsuit is a requirement for this course. If you are breastfeeding you should wear a wetsuit specifically designed for this (usually short arms and legs). The water temperature is usually between 13-20 degrees and you should be able to stay in the water for 45 minutes. Colorful bathing cap and swimming goggles are also tips. We contribute with training equipment such as paddles, floating tools etc.

The goal is that, after completing the course, you will feel safer in open water and be comfortable with running in open water.

We will possibly start a group for training in open water directed at you who swim breaststroke. If you want to swim breaststroke in open water, you can show your interest by signing up via the registration page. If there is enough interest in this type of training, we will arrange a group.

Previous knowledge: 200m breaststroke

The training is adapted for you who can swim crawl with knowledge equivalent to our crawl steps 3 and 4 but want to learn the right technique for swimming outdoors. Perfect for those who aim to swim Vansbro or you who want to take part of Sweden's beautiful nature in a new way.

Previous knowledge:
Able to swim crawl, knowledge equivalent to our crawl steps 3 and 4.

Registration for CEO 20 will open next spring.

The registration is closed.

Open Water is an intensive course. You can find more information about the registration under the SSIF Small Group.