Project Description

Included in SSIF All-In

SSIF is one of Sweden's most prestigious gymnastics associations, including two Olympic medalists (Ann Sofie Colling Saltin 1952 and Karin Lind 1952 and 1956). Today we no longer compete but train gymnastics in all forms and at all levels for its exercise.

The training consists of warm up, stretching, strength and taking out or putting away gear. Thereafter, training takes place at two different stations: trampoline and airtrack/matt. Each station has half the training time, and every other week we work forward, every two weeks backwards.

Gymnastics has previously taken much inspiration from team gymnastics, which we will continue to do at the stations trampett(trampoline) and airtrack.

The goal of the training is to provide a varied gymnastics training that fits all levels in the group. You will learn exercises such as cartwheels, backflip, handspring, somersaults, somersaults with turns, you will also learn how to put together exercises into series.

At training there will be stations and exercises that are adapted to beginners/semi and advanced gymnast.

Dress in soft clothes that allow mobility and be aware that much of the exercise is barefoot. Changing rooms with shower and sauna are on the premises. The pass is usually mixed with both girls and boys. Our training is aimed at adults, whether they are students or not, but everyone over the age of 16 is welcome and university students have a discount. We do not conduct any competition activities.

In this group, a continued orientation to the various elements of gymnastics. At the lowest level, you will learn to do volts to back on tramp, grouped volts, handvolts, rounded mat and handstand without support.

The more experienced participants do advanced gymnastic exercises and different series of exercises. You will learn exercises such as girl's, rounded girl's, hand-volt-volts, swings / volts, volts in wheels, walking on hands and trumpet-exercises such as stretched volts to the back and free-standing vents and with screwed jumps on the trumpet and series on mat / airfloor with at least two exercises put together. You can, for example, practice on the rounded girl's salto and volts with half screw and full screw on trumpet.

Previous knowledge:

You should know how to make a volt, and be able to make volts to the back (at least), and you should be able to wheel and know how to make a rounded and hand-rolled.

Requires eligibility from Basic Gymnastics.

Contact the office if you have experience since earlier but still cannot book the more advanced steps.

Mondays at 18: 00-20: 00, Frescati Sports Center, hall E

Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:00, Frescati Sports Center, hall E

In order to book your seat on a passport, you must have purchased the training card SSIF ALL IN before.

Registration for the class opens one week before training.

You can sign up here on the website (from 25/8), or via the SSIF app (released in September for iphone and android).

If unable to attend, we prefer that you unbook by 24h before the pass.