Diving is a small group training course.

At SSIF you can practice diving as an adult at Eriksdalbadet in Stockholm. Training is conducted in the fresh diving pool where we also have access to the adjacent gymnasium for dry training. We have courses that suit both you who are curious beginners and you who are advanced acrobats.

Here you will learn the necessary basics for the advanced exercises of the later stages. We practice jumping technique, foot jumps and falls, the difference between straight, group and peak, as well as learning to handle the lower heights and trampoline.

Each training session consists of approx. 30 minutes of initial dry training and then approx. 60 minutes of jumping in the pool. Dry training consists of various gymnastic exercises and jumps that strengthen your muscles so that you can perform technically correct jumps in the water. For safety reasons, participation in the sessions requires previous experience of diving. See info under ”level” to find info on what the different level mean.

The classes are usually mixed with both girls and boys. Our training is aimed at adults, whether they are students or not, but anyone over 18 is welcome and university students have a discount. We do not engage in competitive activities.

A group for those who have never tried diving before or have only tried it a few times. Swimming skills are required.

Previous knowledge:

It is required that you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water.

Group for those who have already done our beginner group or in another association. Prerequisites are that you must be comfortable diving at different heights as well as be comfortable doing a grouped vault from spring board.

Previous knowledge:
Front tuck from spring board

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We normally have 4 periods of diving courses, two in the autumn (from middle of August) and two in spring.