Träna året ut med SSIF All-In för 795kr!*

Specialerbjudande för SU-anställda. Träna obegränsat och välj bland över 30 idrottsformer.

Always instructor-led training at levels that suit both beginners and experienced athletes. 

* When you register as an SU employee in our membership system by purchasing the "training card for SU employees" you will automatically have access to the discounted price of our other training offer when you log into the system next time. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Get access to free group workouts

You who are employed by SU get access to the booking of 20 group training sessions per week by registering for a free training card "SU employees" in our registration system. Once you have done this, your membership information is checked against SU's employment log and if we have any questions we will contact you via email. The training card for SU employees gives the rights to book the group training sessions that are part of our regular offering and 2 workouts that are exclusive to SU employees.

For schedule see below.

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Information about the classes

The semester starts 2/9 (v 36) and ends 20/12 (v 50). Schedule and description of the different passports can be found below. Booking of passports is done via login in notification system or via the SSIF app which can be downloaded via the links below.

An energy-filled LesMill passport where fitness is the focus. The workout is perfect for those who like to exercise their entire body effectively.

A perfect blend of yoga, tai chi and pilates that build your functional strength, increase your mobility and leave you in harmony and balance. Fits all regardless of training background.

This pass makes it easy for you to get started with the strength training and the effective exercises make you quickly notice results. Perfect for both men and women who want to train through the body in an hour.

Coretraining, also a perfect fit for getting a well-trained abdominal and back muscles. Through dynamic training with rubber bands and weights for stomach, seat and back, this pass will make you feel stronger in everyday life.

Built to challenge you. The pass looks different every time to make your body stronger.

You will have the opportunity to develop physical and dance skills, but also the body awareness needed to articulate and express yourself through movement. The dance varies from large to detailed movements where you get to learn different ways of expression.

Simple and hot dance moves that suit everyone. Fun and addictive dance training for an energizing mix of the latest music.

A fun and functional workout that effectively combines strength, fitness and bonfire training with the help of rubber bands and weight plates. You will challenge your energy, strength, balance and flexibility.

A dynamic yoga pass that focuses on breathing, strength, mobility and balance. You move along with your breath.

Yoga for beginners. The instructor shows and teaches you how to listen to your body and control your breathing. During the class you will achieve mindfulness.