Tennis is one of SSIF’s most popular sports and is held as a small group course. Hence, Tennis is not part of the sports included in our training cards but a separate course.

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We offer five different difficulty levels to make sure that everyone can play and develop on their own level. Scroll down to read more about the levels we offer.

Each Tennis course only has four participant per group, resulting in an intense course with much time for personal feedback and development. The course is held in Frescati Sports Center which is located on Stockholm University’s campus.

Loan of Tennis rackets and balls are included in the participation fee, but of course you can bring your own equipment if you wish. All courses take place indoors in hall A in Frescati Sports Center, the court is not a traditional tennis court but with flooring that also can offer other sports meaning that the balls bounce slightly faster. Frescati Sports Center is located near the University subway on Svante Arrhenius väg 4.

Each group practices 8 sessions of 60 minutes once a week.

Dress in soft clothes that allow movement and preferably have light-colored soles on your shoes to avoid rubber marks on the surface. Changing rooms with shower are available on the premises. The training sessions are always mixed and the courses are therefore aimed at both girls and boys. Our training is for adults only, so everyone over 18 is welcome. We do not conduct competitive activities.

Remember that everybody developes in different capacity, meaning that sometimes you need to stay in the same level for more than 8 trainings to be able to move on to the next level.

You get to learn the basics of the game.

Previous knowledge:

No previous knowledge required.

Level 2 is for those of you who have learned the most basic basics of the game but still feel like you have a lot to develop before you can hold a match on your own. Unlike level 1, we assume that you have previous experience when joining level 2, either by attending our beginner’s group (Level 1) or by playing on your own and thereby learning the basics of the game.

Previous knowledge:
Level 1 or similar.

Level 3 is the level for you who have played a period with our level 2 group or for you who have played Tennis before and already attended one or more courses elsewhere. The difference between this level and level 2 is that we assume that you already know the basics and game technique so you can focus on working with tactics in more game-based exercises. Of course, we also work on refining the technique and developing the strokes.

Previous knowledge:
Level 2 or similar.

Level 4 is a level for you who have taken level 3 for a period or have played tennis for several years elsewhere. As in level 3, the focus is on honing the technique and tactics. We aim to be able to raise the tempo and keep an active game going with like-minded people.

Previous knowledge:
Level 3 or similar.

Level 5 is the level for you who are a good player and master all parts of the game. You who play here are driven by getting better, getting relevant exercises and technique tips and you think it’s fun to have the chance to play with like-minded people.

Previous knowledge:
Level 4 or similar.

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We normally have 4 periods of Tennis courses, two in the autumn (from middle of August) and two in the spring (from January). Tennis courses are sometimes available during summer.

Tennis courses are separate from SSIF training cards.