Project Description


SSIF is adding more sports to the Small Group concept! You can now join our small group training course in badminton! If you prefer playing one sport the same time and day each week with a guaranteed spot – this course is for you.

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We can finally add Badminton to our range of small group courses. We offer 2 different levels, namely beginners and intermediate. Under instruction of our pro instructors you will practice technique, matchplay and security in playing Badminton. All classes are for adults over the age of 18.

Our Badminton courses for adults are part of our SSIF Small Group concept. Each group consists of a maximum of 20 participants. Each period is 8 weeks, with one training session each week. All training take place at Frescati Sports Center (Svante Arrhenius väg 4).

The practice sessions are, as usual, mixed boys and girls. All of our trainings are for adults aged 18 or older, whether they are students or not. We do not conduct any competitive activities.

  • Beginners

We expect you have little to none previous knowledge of badminton, perhaps you’ve played a few times with friends or in school.


  • Intermediate

To join this course we expect you to have previous knowledge of the game. You feel secure with playing badminton but need work on technique, tactics and foot work.

Previous experience such as our beginners course or similar courses/trainings

Join our Badminton courses by booking a spot through our booking website.

Badminton courses are separate from SSIF training cards.