SSIF – Stockholm Students’ sports association is, just as the name suggests, a sports association for Stockholm students and even though everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to train with us, student sports is our main focus. We are strategically located close to campus and strive to be the first choice in sports for you as a student. This means that we have heavily discounted prices on our training cards for students in our local area.

● SU students – All students at Stockholm University who can show a valid student ID receive a special discount on our training cards.

● Students – All students who can show a valid student ID get a student discount on our training cards.

● Others – Pay full price.

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Vad är SSIF All-In

SSIF All-In är vårat multikort där man varje vecka väljer fritt bland instruktörsledda pass i över 30 idrotter.

Med SSIF All-In kan man träna hur mycket man vill och inom vilken idrott man vill.

För dig som är nybörjare finns pass på grundnivå och för dig som har tidigare erfarenhet inom en sport finns avancerade pass på olika nivåer.