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In our FAQ you will find the most common questions we receive.

If your question is not listed below or if the answer was not helpful please email us info@stockholmsstudentersif.se so we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Do you have any age limit on participants?2019-11-29T12: 45: 01 + 01: 00

Response: We have no upper age limit. From 1 / 1-20 we will have a lower age limit of 18 years.

Do I have access to all levels in the sports that are leveled?2020-09-02T14:20:00+01:00

In the introductory phase, you have access to only the lowest levels, in order to gain access to the higher levels you need to register for a training session you are qualified for and during the workout talk to the instructor that you want access to a higher level, then the instructor will grant this. If you have trained with us before, you can also email the office to obtain extended rights info@ssif.nu

Are there mixed girls and boys in the groups?2019-05-16T21: 44: 39 + 01: 00

Response: All of our training groups are mixed girls and guys. The distribution varies between futures and groups. In recent years, the total distribution in the association has been about 52% girls and 48% guys.

What is SSIF Small Group?2019-06-24T13: 25: 05 + 01: 00

Response: We offer swimming, tennis and swimming in small training groups, with between 4 and 8 participants. The concept also includes our seasonal intensive courses. The program for these is updated regularly and advertised on the website and in newsletters. Last year, we have offered beach volleyball, open water swimming and cross-country skiing on demand from participants.

Is it okay if you miss the first training?2019-05-16T21: 45: 08 + 01: 00

Response: It does not matter if you miss the first training - you are welcome to the next training session.

How long does the schedule last?2020-09-02T14:19:11+01:00

Nuvarande schema gäller till och med 17/1 2021. Vi förbehåller oss möjligheten att en bit in i terminen göra justeringar i schemat i fall vi märker att något pass är väldigt populärt eller att något pass är mindre populärt. Till våren brukar vi ha ett liknande schema då de stora förändringarna framförallt införs under sommaren.

What is SSIF All in?2020-09-02T14:23:03+01:00

Som svar på önskemål från våra medlemmar om en träningslösning med mer flexibilitet och, framförallt, mer träning, har vi tagit fram SSIF All in. Här har du chansen att inom samma kort testa över 30 olika idrottsformer. Vi behåller vår målsättning att erbjuda träning för alla och ger möjlighet till tränarledda pass från nybörjarnivå och uppåt.

Is there a beginner level in all forms of training in SSIF All-In?2019-07-04T09: 11: 04 + 01: 00

We only have passports aimed at beginners in gymnastics, yoga, basketball, floorball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, fencing, street dancing and jazz. Several of the other forms of training have no pre-requisites but are not specifically aimed at beginners.

Do you have to prepare for the training in any way?2019-09-04T13: 54: 55 + 01: 00

Response: Normally you do not need any special preparation. If necessary, you will receive information about this via email.

What new forms of exercise do you have in SSIF All-In?2020-09-02T14:17:53+01:00

Våra nya träningsformer till hösten 2020är Calisthenics och Ultimate frisbee.

Why don't you offer a student discount on Small Group Training?2020-09-02T14:16:05+01:00

Vi vill erbjuda ett så brett träningsutbud som möjligt som kan nå ut till så många som möjligt. Därför har vi valt att lägga fokus på SSIF All-In och därför valt att lägga det mesta studentrabatten där så vi kan erbjuda så lågt studentpris som möjligt. Vi har dock studentrabatt på simningen, ange rabattkoden STUDENTSIM vid köp så får du tillgång till studentpriset.

Can two people take turns to go to the exercises?2019-06-24T13: 13: 45 + 01: 00

Response: No, unfortunately, both the training card and our small group trainings are personal.

When can I buy SSIF All-in?2019-07-04T09: 25: 52 + 01: 00

You can now enter directly and buy the SSIF All-In, click here to get to our registration page.

Do you need special training clothes?2019-05-16T21: 48: 33 + 01: 00

Response: You generally do not need any special training clothes, but use exercise clothes that you enjoy sports in. Keep in mind that you need shoes that are adapted for indoor use, ie without black sole.

When can I register for Small Group Training?2020-09-02T14:14:17+01:00

We open the registration for Small Group Training here on the website about one month before the course starts. Exact dates are announced shortly before that on the website and via the newsletter.

Do you need to bring your own yoga mat?2019-05-16T21: 49: 16 + 01: 00

Response: There are yoga mats to use on site. If you have your own yoga mat that you prefer, you can of course use it.

Will I be sure to fit the passports I am interested in?2019-09-04T13: 21: 05 + 01: 00

To guarantee yourself a seat on every passport you are interested in, you need to go in and sign up when the seats are released each week. The booking is released exactly one week before the training session. In order to enable as many people as possible to accommodate, we have expanded with more passes in most of our current sports. With over 100 sessions a week, we offer a total of over 2500 seats each week, so we hope and believe that everyone will have a place.

Do you need to bring your own racket for tennis / table tennis / badminton or own club for floorball?2019-05-16T21: 49: 54 + 01: 00

Response: There is a racket and club to borrow for all these sports. If you have a racket / club at home that you prefer you can of course take it with you instead.

Do you have to buy your own equipment for fencing?2019-05-16T21: 50: 26 + 01: 00

Response: We have equipment that we lend to beginners. You who go step 2 are expected to have their own equipment but can otherwise rent from us during the semester. Read more at fencing page.

What about skating and cross-country skiing?2020-09-02T14:26:15+01:00

For current information read on each page for skates and cross-country skiing. We advertise on the website when we open the seasonal activities.

Is it good to participate if you speak English?2019-05-16T21: 51: 52 + 01: 00

Response: About 10% of our members are English speaking and therefore we have adapted our business accordingly. Some leaders choose to only speak English during the training session, while some leaders prefer to keep the instructions in Swedish with a shorter summary in English afterwards.

Where is the room located?2019-06-24T13: 07: 10 + 01: 00

Response: Click HERE for more information. Information about the room for individual passports can be found on the registration page and on the individual sports under "Training hours"

Is it possible to take private lessons with you?2019-06-24T13: 08: 49 + 01: 00

Response: Unfortunately, we do not offer individual private lessons. But small group training is available for several sports. There we train in small groups with between 4-8 people per coach to get a maximum effect.

How do I apply for work with you?2020-09-02T14:24:46+01:00

Response: Om du vill jobba för oss kan du skicka en intresseanmälan till info@ssif.nu. För att se de senaste utlysta tjänsterna kan du kika in på Available Positions.

Do you offer discounts for those who have received physical activity on prescription (FAR)?2019-05-16T21: 54: 57 + 01: 00

Response: No sorry. SSIF receives no compensation for offering discounts for FAR. If we were to offer a discount, we would have had to raise the regular fee to cover the extra cost.

How many times do I get to practice every week?2020-02-25T15: 12: 45 + 01: 00

The SSIF All-In provides an unlimited number of training sessions each week. You continuously sign up for the passports you want to attend. We have a maximum rate of 3 workouts per day and 7 workouts per week which can be booked at the same time.

What is the app I can sign up for?2020-09-02T14:13:52+01:00

Vid terminstart öppnar vi vårt bokningssystem. Du som köpt ett SSIF All-In träningskort kommer då både kunna boka och checka in på passen via en app som fungerar både för android och iPhone. Appen hittar du här:

What are the times for the workouts?2020-09-02T14:12:45+01:00

De träningar som är schemalagda har sina aktuella tider på hemsidan under respektive idrott. I bokningen och på appen kan man även se ett övergripande träningsschema som alltid är uppdaterat. Skulle de angivna tiderna skilja sig åt är det alltid appen som gäller! Vi förbehåller oss rätten att löpande göra mindre schemaändringar.

Får man ett träningskort eller hur funkar det?2020-09-02T14:30:49+01:00

Vi är helt digitala, så det finns inget fysiskt kort. Så snart du har betalat träningskortet så kan du börja boka pass via appen eller på webben. För att checka in använder du Inpasseringsfunktionen i appen.

How do I become a member?2019-05-20T18: 54: 32 + 01: 00


You go in www.stockholmsstudentersif.se/anmalan and follow all the steps there.

When does the application open before each semester start?2019-11-29T12: 51: 28 + 01: 00

Response: For the Small group, a few days before the registration opens to the public, we usually send an e-mail to participants from the previous semester with an offer to receive priority to register. This year, we expect to open the registration for small group training in early August. For training cards you can sign up when you want during the year.

When is the last day you can register?2019-11-29T12: 50: 02 + 01: 00

Response: You can sign up at any time during the year. We have training all year round.

Is it possible to register even though the semester has already begun?2019-09-04T13: 58: 04 + 01: 00

Response: If the semester has already started, you can buy the SSIF All-In semester card. Often it is also possible to register for our courses unless too many training sessions have taken place. but this varies a bit depending on the sport and level. It's best to email us info@stockholmsstudentersif.se and ask us about the specific workout you are interested in.

You mention different categories for the participant fees, which do I belong to?2019-11-29T12: 53: 36 + 01: 00


We have different categories for our participation fees:
● SU students - All students who can show that they are studying at Stockholm University, for example through membership cards from the Stockholm University Student Union (SUS).

● Students and students - All students who can show that they are studying, for example through a patronage card or student union.
● Other / non-students - Everyone interested in training over 18 years. Pay full participation fee.

If you are employed at Stockholm University, you can get in touch with the office to hear what is right for you.

What payment methods do you offer?2019-07-12T15: 07: 22 + 01: 00

Response: Card payment and swish.

Is it good to pay with cash?2019-06-24T13: 15: 38 + 01: 00

Response: We do not accept cash but it is possible to use Swish.

Do you have to pay membership fees?2019-05-20T18: 54: 18 + 01: 00

Response: When you register for one of our activities, 50 SEK will be added to the membership fee once per fiscal year. The fiscal year extends from 1 July to 30 June.

I have no Swedish personal number, how do I do it?2019-09-04T13: 55: 43 + 01: 00

Response: If you do not have a Swedish social security number, you can tick it when you make your purchase, instead specify your date of birth with 8 digits: YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY-MM-DD). T numbers are not accepted in the booking.

Am I insured as a member of the association?2019-05-16T21: 39: 27 + 01: 00

Response: Yes, we have an insurance cartoon for all members.

Do you have to pay a special insurance fee?2019-05-20T18: 54: 09 + 01: 00

Response: No, you do not have to pay a special insurance fee, but it is included in the regular membership and participation fee.

What does the insurance cover?2019-06-24T13: 12: 43 + 01: 00

Response: The insurance covers mainly costs for emergency care in the event of accidents that occur in connection with your training in the association. You can read full insurance terms and conditions as well as how you report any damage HERE.

How do I get a receipt for health certificates?2019-05-16T21: 41: 12 + 01: 00

Response: The payment confirmation sent on the email acts as a receipt. If there is anything you miss there, email us and we will help you.

If I already have a gym / swimming pool card, can you get a discount on the fee?2019-05-16T21: 41: 39 + 01: 00

Response: No, you get no discount but you need to pay the full participation fee.

Why are you repeating your concept?2020-09-02T14:22:19+01:00

Att vara moderna och ligga i linje med tiden är viktiga faktorer för den framgångsvåg vi sett i SSIF de senaste åren, då medlemsantalet har mångdubblats. Samtidigt har vi upplevt allt fler önskemål från våra medlemmar om att få möjligheten att träna flera olika träningsformer flera gånger i veckan i SSIF. Dessa önskemål stämmer även överens med det vi sett i vår omvärld – att allt fler träningsintresserade vill träna och testa på flera olika idrotter och träningsformer istället för att bara hålla sig till en. Därför känns det givet för oss att förändra verksamheten efter önskemål som möjliggör för alla medlemmar att träna varierat och prova på många nya träningsformer.

Is there an opportunity to try on a training session?2019-11-29T12: 45: 55 + 01: 00

Response: Absolutely! Email us and specifically specify what sport, day and time you want to come and test and we will post you if there are places available.

Why doesn't tennis and swimming include SSIF All-In?2019-07-04T08: 51: 57 + 01: 00

We believe that tennis and swimming are best suited for training in a small group (4 people in tennis and 8 people in swimming) with an experienced instructor / PT who can continuously provide individual and joint feedback. This would not have been possible within SSIF All-In where most passes have 15-40 participants. Therefore, we have chosen to have tennis and swimming within our Small Group Training concept with separate notification.

Can you train with you even if you are not a student?2019-05-16T21: 43: 35 + 01: 00

Response: Yes we are open to everyone regardless of whether you are a student or a non-student, as long as you are at least 16 years old.

Innebär SSIF All-In att jag kan delta i fler träningar varje vecka inom min favoritidrott?2020-09-02T14:21:03+01:00

Vår målsättning är 2-3 pass varje vecka i alla våra träningsformer som ryms inom SSIF All-In. Detta innebär att du i mån av plats kan delta i flera träningstillfällen inom de flesta av våra nuvarande idrotter.

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