Project Description

Träningskort för hösten börjar säljas snart, denna sida uppdateras då med nya priser och träningskort.

SSIF All In               

fr 295 sek/mon

SSIF All-In is a training card that we offer as of autumn 2019. With this we expand our range and make it open to everyone. SSIF All-In replaces our previous course offering (except tennis and swimming). As before, we have a level-divided range of everything from team and racket sports to group training and dancing, but it is up to you if you want to train with us one, two, five or 100 times a week. In addition, you choose how many of our sports you want to test. The semester starts 2/9.

SSIF Studio               

fr 195 sek/mon

SSIF Studio

SSIF Studio is a training card that we only want to train group training sessions in SSIF Studio in Frescati. The card is aimed at those who are primarily interested in Les Mills, but also include classes in functional strength, yoga, running, fencing and military training. The card starts selling on the website from 20/9.