SUMMER COURSES available during summer 2021

Sand between your toes is the safest sign of summer, isn’t it ?!
With Beach Volleyball, you get intense exercise and a wonderful taste of summer.

The training consists of warm-up, technique exercises and match play and is adapted to the group’s level.

This summer we have our popular intensive courses in beach volleyball. In the course you will learn to control the game and become a star at the net. The season is limited to summer.

Use soft clothing that allows mobility and be aware that much of the training takes place barefoot. Changing rooms with shower and sauna are available on the premises. The sessions are usually mixed with both girls and boys. Our training is aimed at adults, whether they are students or not, but everyone over the age of 18 is welcome and university students have a discount. We do not conduct any competition activities.

This group is suitable for you who are currently going or have previously played volleyball step 1 and thus are familiar with the basics of Beach Volleyball.

This group requires more experience and will keep a higher pace than step 2. You should have tried beach volleyball before and have experience in keeping the game going.

Interested in training beach volleyball during summer?

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Courses are 6 weeks each, first starting in June. Different levels available!