Keep in mind that we do not lend out any equipment, so you need to have your own set of boots, poles and skis.

Our Cross Country Skiing courses are seasonal due to that we are dependent on the availability of snow and weather.

The courses usually consist of 6 sessions where each session is 60 minutes. Remember that we do not provide equipment, you must bring your own skis, boots and poles you wish to use.

The classes commencing in January 2024 will take place at ”Gärdet Sportfält,” located at Sandhamnsgatan 80. Participants are expected to arrive at the location already dressed in workout attire and equipped with their personal gear, as changing facilities are not provided on-site.

Stockholms Stadion is another frequently utilized venue for our Cross Country Skiing courses. Which location is used depends entirely on how the track looks during the specific time period. The possibility of creating artificial snow may look different in different municipalities in Stockholm, which may mean that we may have some training in Rudan’s ski facility in Haninge (approx. 30 minutes by commuter train from Centralen) or the Täby artificial snow track at Arninge in Täby (approx. 45 minutes by subway/bus from Centralen). Of course, we will inform you in good time about the place where the next training will take place.

For training sessions that take place at the Stadium, we will have access to changing rooms at GIH, which is right next door. For any training that takes place at Rudan’s ski facility, there is access to a changing room, but this is not available at the Täby artificial snow track.

Skiing at ”Gärdet Sportfält” and the Stadium is free of charge, but to ski in Täby artificial snow track or Rudan’s ski facility you need to pay SEK 80 per occasion in training fee to the facility. These fees are not included in the participation fee for this course, so if it becomes relevant with individual training sessions at these facilities, you must pay the training fee to the facility yourself.

The trainings are usually mixed with both girls and boys. Anyone over 18 years old is welcome and university students have a discount. We do not engage in competitive activities.

We offer 3 different levels on our courses:

Level 1 –

Beginners. This level suits those who have never stood on a pair of skis or those who feel unsure about the technique. We focus on handling the equipment and learn the basic techniques to be able to navigate different situations.

Level 2 –

This level suits those of you who have skied before and want to develop their technique. The participants learn what technique is right in different situation, practice on finding the balance and making their way energy-efficiently. For level 2, you must be able to ski around the Stadium including the hill without any problems.

Level 3 –

Level 3 suits those of you who actively Cross Country ski and perhaps want to train for a specific goal. We refine technique, discuss waxing and different surfaces and goes through what is important when skiing longer distances.

Check out the availability and book your spot via our booking website.

Cross Country Skiing is a separate small group course, which means you will train in smaller groups o get a more personalized training. The courses are therefore separate from SSIF training cards.