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Practice team gymnastics for adults in Stockholm! SSIF is one of Sweden’s most prestigious gymnastics associations with, among other things, two Olympic medalists (Ann Sofie Colling Saltin 1952 and Karin Lind 1952 and 1956). Today we no longer focus on competition but on gymnastics as a form of exercise.
At SSIF you can learn everything you need to know about gymnastics. At beginner level we offer you the chance to learn all the basics of the sport, such as front roll, handstands, cartwheels. Once you’ve managed the basics we also offer an advanced class, to join this class you expect you to have some experience of gymnastics and/or joined our beginners class.
The beginners gymnastics at SSIF is held at GIH, which is located nearby KTH metro station and the advanced gymnastics is held at Frescati Sports Center which is located at Stockholms University campus.

Team gymnastics for adults in Stockholm! The training consists of warm-up, stretching, strength and picking up and away gear. Use soft clothing that allows mobility and be aware that much of the training is done barefoot.

Gymnastics – Beginners

The perfect level for you who want to test gymnastics, and is interested in and want to learn the basics. We train on gymnastic movements, such as somersaults forwards and backwards, cartwheels, handstands against the wall, light jumps, cross jumps, somersaults and vaults on a trampoline.

Gymnastics – Advanced

Training takes place at two different stations: trampoline and airtrack/mat. Each station has half of the training time, and every other week we work with the steps forward, every other week backwards.

At trainings, there will be stations and exercises that are from medium to advanced level.

To book this class you need a valid SSIF training card, either the ALL IN, you also need a valid membership.

Book your class online via our booking website or in the SSIF app.