Included in SSIF All-In

Are you looking for a fun and social way to stay active? Look no further than Pickleball, the latest addition to our training range at SSIF! If you haven’t heard of Pickleball, it’s a paddle sport that combines elements of Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton. It’s played with two or four players on a smaller court than Tennis, with a lower net and a plastic ball with holes, similar to the ball used in Floorball.

We’re excited to now be able to offer Pickleball training at Frescati Sports Center’s Badminton courts, which can easily be converted into Pickleball courts. All the necessary equipment can be borrowed from SSIF, and our pro instructor will guide you through everything from the basics of the game to drills that improve your technique and movements.

Pickleball is a great way to get active and socialize and it’s suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. So don’t miss out on the chance to try out this fun and exciting sport! Sign up for our Pickleball training and see why it’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular paddle sports around.

At each training session, we practice new technical elements and implement these in the game. Balls are included in the participation fee and it is also possible to borrow racquets.

To see an updated schedule for Pickleball, see our app or booking website. To play Pickleball with SSIF, you need a active SSIF ALL IN training card, as well as an active membership.

Use soft clothing that allows mobility and sneakers that do not have a black sole. Changing rooms with shower are available on the premises. The sessions are usually mixed with both girls and boys. Our training is aimed at adults, whether they are students or not, but everyone over the age of 18 is welcomed and university students have a discount.

To book this class you need a valid SSIF training card, either the ALL IN , you also need a valid membership.

Book your class online via our booking website or in the SSIF app.