This class is included in both SSIF ALL IN & STUDIO

Warm Welcome to a powerful creative Pilatesclass based on traditional Pilates. As in classic Pilates the class will focus on exercises for our internal muscles and our core, the class also has exercises that keep our spine flexible and mobile.

A lot of focus is on the technique. The instructor will guide you during the whole class so the exercises can be done with complete control.

The exercises start simple and then go deeper in to the moment. You chose option that is right for you.

SSIF has all equipment needed for the class. We always use matts, that are available in the studio for borrowing. Sometimes the class includes pilates ball or rubber bands.

Wear soft clothing, we recommend no shoes to this class but that’s up to you.

To book this class you need a valid SSIF training card, either the ALL IN or the STUDIO, you also need a valid membership.

Book your class online or in the SSIF app.