Roller Skiing is one of our latest additions to our training range and will be available on limited periods of the year. If courses are available you can find them in through the link to the right. 
Our roller skiing courses for adults take place in small groups with a maximum of 4 people and provide room for rapid personal development with the help of our experienced instructors. We meet at the Frescati Sports Center and move around the local area.

Roller skiing is one of our newest sports and our pro instructors will help you develop, regardless of level. Our courses for adults are suitable for those who are beginners and want to learn the basics of roller skiing, but also suitable for intermediate/advanced roller skiers who want to focus on improving technique and getting training on bare ground before the Cross Country Skiing season starts. Our training takes place outdoors and roller skis can be rented at Frescati Sports Center. Boots (Rottefeller binding system if they are to fit the roller skis that are rented out), poles and helmet are necessary equipment that the participants themselves need to bring. All courses take place in Frescati Sports Center’s (Universitetet metro station) nearby area.

Each course consist of 8 sessions á 60 minutes.

Dress in soft clothing that allows for movement and suits the weather. If you can – bring a reflective vest, gloves as well as elbow and knee protection. The training sessions are mixed, meaning both men and women are welcome. Our training is for adults only, so everyone over 18 is welcome. We do not conduct competitive activities.

Level 1

Beginners: If you want to learn roller skiing the right way from the beginning, we offer informative beginner courses with a maximum of 4 participants per group and instructor. The focus is on getting ahead in easier terrain, on inclines up and down and mastering braking technique.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge is required

Level 2 & 3

Intermediate/Advanced: This level is for you who are experienced roller skiers and/or cross country skiers but want to continue developing and get training on bare ground before the cross country skiing season starts. The course is suitable for those who have previous experience and want to find a good form of training outdoors.

Prior knowledge: Cross Country Skiing/Roller Skiing several times a year.

Check out the availability and book your spot via our booking website.

Roller Skiing is a separate small group course, which means you will train in smaller groups to get a more personalized training. The courses are therefore separate from SSIF training cards.